2023 World Emerging Security Forum

Speaker Information

Youssef Travaly

CEO, EDPU(Early Detection and Prevention Unit) Africa
Executive Chairman, AllSightsAfrica

  • 2021 – Present : CEO & Co-founder of the EDPU(Early Detection and Prevention Unit) Africa
  • 2020 – Present : Executive Chairman & Founder of AllSightsAfrica
  • 2020 – Present : Strategic Advisor for Digital of the Africa Europe Foundation

Youssef Travaly is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of EDPU Africa, the first of its kind AI-enabled early detection and preventive health screening platform for None Communicable Diseases in Africa. In parallel, he is the Executive Chairman and founder of AllSightsAfrica, a Think Tank and a Policy Institute focusing on the adoption of AI and emerging technologies in future development strategies of African countries. Finally, he is Strategic Advisor for Digital and Innovation the Africa-Europe Foundation.

He has 20+ years of experience working both at a strategic and operational level, in science, innovation, public policy design, including innovative products policies, in the USA, Europe and in Africa. His core expertise lies in semiconductor and ICT technologies, healthcare technologies, climate economy and green energy transition.